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Nothing brings out people's school spirit like a team mascot! While the teams and cheerleaders and fans always generate a lot of excitement at a sporting event, the presence of a fun, energetic mascot is really the touch that makes the game truly memorable. From pee wee leagues to the pros, practically every sports team in the country has a mascot. And for good reason-they're fun!

Mascots provide a valuable way for people to identify with the team. The right mascot can literally turn an obscure team into an overnight sensation that will be easily remembered for years to come. Some mascots, like the San Diego Chicken, even transcend their original team to become a national icon! While not every mascot has this potential, obviously, the right mascot for your team or organization can certainly make people take notice.

Costume City is pleased to offer a wide selection of mascots for your team, business, or organization. From eagles, bulldogs, lions, bears, tigers, wildcats, Spartans, warriors, and many, many more, we offer a complete line of today's most popular mascots. Don't see something you need? No worries! We will work with you to design a custom mascot and build it to your exacting specifications at a cost that won't break the bank! Simply put, if you don't see it, we can make it-an almost infinite selection!

Build good-will and bring awareness to your team or brand with our top-quality, meticulously-crafted costumes. Our costumes come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, shapes, and colors to meet any need you might have. Our full line of costume accessories will help complete the look you want. As if that weren't enough, we also offer the best warranty in the industry to insure that you the best in follow-up, after-the-sale service. Call us today for details on how you can get started putting your own mascot to work for you!

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